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Realising Your Vision

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Elopement Wedding

I understand how crucial it is to get the wedding day that's true to you

Hi Friend, I'm here to help.
I know how much courage and imagination it takes to get the elopement wedding you’ve always dreamed of. It’s such a magical adventure, and you want it to be as unique as your love story. Your raw, authentic emotions bottled forever in a legacy for a lifetime and beyond.
The problem is, choosing the right photographer to take on this momentous task is crucial. You only get one shot at this. I understand how much is at stake here. You have enough on your plate planning the day without worrying whether your photographer has a vision as bold as yours.
Trust me, you’re in good company.

I'll help you realise your vision

As your specialist elopement photographer, I view my role as an honour bestowed upon me. As such, I invest every drop of energy and creativity into capturing your relationship and personalities authentically so you can relive those beautiful moments over again, for the rest of your lives.
Capturing breathtaking imagery doesn’t happen without a connection though. I like to build genuine relationships with the couples I work with. It’s important for me to know you both. As we embark upon this adventure together, you need to feel at ease around me or you’ll never feel liberated enough to be your true self in front of my camera. And when your photographer feels like an intrusion on your day, everything feels awkward. That’s why I take time at the outset to understand who you both are and what makes you tick. I want to dig deeper, to be creative with you - to capture all of your silly moments too.
I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world. Every trip inspires my work as a photographer and gives me wind in my wings when planning new adventures with the couples I work with.

Why I love elopements

Eloping is the most meaningful, intimate, fun, and unforgettable way to get married. As your elopement photographer, I love working with couples who have the courage to make this adventure truly their own. I can help you unleash your imagination so you can realise that the sky really is the limit.
With just yourselves to please, you have unrivalled freedom to take your elopement adventure wherever you wish, however you wish.
You could get married against a jaw-dropping location, almost anywhere in the world. The opportunities are literally endless.
I can help you identify all your options and drill down into the detail to ensure it is an adventure that is completely personal to you both. And, of course, I'll guarantee you a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding portraits.
If you'd like to find out more about me, please feel free to follow my profile on Instagram.
Elopement Wedding

I'm not about the long shots...

My style is natural, free-flowing and modern. I'm fascinated by shadows and cloudscapes and their impact on the overall mood of the image. I am most certainly not about long shot lists or overly posed photos. I want to capture you just as you are, on one of the most beautiful and happiest days of your lives. I want my photographs to make your heart sing with excitement and emotion every time you look at them.

My goal is to help couples enjoy their special day in the most unique way they imagine - to help make your dream a reality.

Ready to plan your elopement adventure?

Destination Elopement Wedding

Step 1.

Share your bold and adventurous vision

Complete a contact form and I’ll schedule a free discovery call with you to talk through your ideas.

Destination Elopement Wedding

Step 2. Plan your bespoke elopement experience

Together we’ll mastermind a uniquely tailored plan to capture the incredible dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

Destination Elopement Wedding

Step 3.

Enjoy a wedding as unique as you are

Lose yourselves in the spellbinding romance of your special day, knowing every final detail is taken care of for you.

Supporting you every step of the way

So, stop worrying that your wedding memories will be compromised by a photographer who just doesn’t get you. Instead, relax – you’re in safe hands. I’ll support you every step of the way.
Let's talk. You only have one chance to get this right.

Kate is someone really special. She is so much more than a photographer & within that she is at the top end of her profession. A sharp eye & a huge heart who ran our small wedding day like clockwork; a fabulous, gentle project manager who had my back from creative concept to fruition. She listened, she heard & she delivered. Our family & friends are still complimenting the manner is which she worked on the day; almost like a fun guest, you wanted at your wedding looking after everyone’s needs but secretly nailing the most perfect, intimate & curated shots.

Jacinta & Danny


Kate is the best thing I could have invested in for our wedding & I cannot commend her enough. She is a small intimate wedding photography rockstar & the pictures were so much more that I could have dreamed. Branding is my background & I work with photographers weekly so I really had high expectations but Kate blew those out of the ballpark. Kate is more.



Jacinta & Danny

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